This name stands for a formal style format of assignments often offered by the academic institutions of various levels to make students improve their skills in elaborating and expressing their opinions. Professional authors rarely address this sort of assignment. It can also come as a part of examination test offering to determine the opinion the student on some definite theme. The most common demands comprise three obligatory elements of the essay construction (the introductive part, the central part, and the conclusion). From 500 to 800 words represent the minimum for 5 paragraph story. Though the requirements for it are common knowledge the educational institution may insert some specifications in your assignments which are described in the assignment guidance. These requirements have to be followed just like the common group of demands characterizing all the 5 paragraph essays.

The kinds of 5 paragraph essays are numerous. You can come across 5 paragraph argumentative essay, 5 paragraph narrative essay, 5 paragraph descriptive essay, etc. The most widespread types offered on tests are the persuasive (you have to answer some question) and the literary type (to evaluate some work which you read). They are characterized by the specific peculiarities. But they are characterized by the same structural demands offered by the five paragraph paper. The information below discloses all the individual features of the introduced structure in details to learn and get your best score!


The value of determined and well-rounded structure is impressive for it can help the writer of the work to render his message to the reader. Are the 5 paragraph essays like this? 5 paragraph essay format offers one of the simplest organizational systems of the articles of this kind. Introduction, main body with the evidence being included, plus conclusion are the components of such assignment. The length of each element is determined and is stable (this aspect can vary in more complicated and lengthy works). And though many people argue as for the formal structure which restricts the opportunity of the writer to express himself its structure seem to have nothing to add.


Start your article with engaging information. It may include general ideas connecting with the determined theme. Some funny story or the citing from some valuable source will be a decent example of the beginning for a five paragraph essay. Include the first lines capable of grabbing the reader, but which still are easy for comprehension. Never include forecasts about your nearest action, and exclude from your 5 point essay phrases as this side-tracks the audience resulting in the feeling of boredom.

Introduction of theme. A couple of sentences will be required to allow you introduce your theme to the reader; here you can include terms and examples illustrating the theme.

Thesis statement. Sum up the arguments and determine what the body will dwell on in one sentence (or two in some cases).

Linking phrase. The terminative part of the first passage should contain linking phrase which will give the hint to the reader about the connection between the introduction and the principal part of the assignment. Active voice usage is a significant requirement.


Make a good beginning. Your 5 paragraph story first paragraph should incorporate the most evaluated argument which you can disclose to your reader in the first sentence or the one following it. The organizational system of other paragraphs included into the principal part must comprise the following parts:

  1. Introductory. Within one sentence which is the first one, you have to explain the audience the theme of the current passage and its connections with the thesis.
  2. Examples. In this part of the 5 paragraph paper the author is to supply the expressed idea with the facts or some other sort of evidence which relation to the issue is obvious (a sufficient minimum comprises from two to three examples).
  3. Discussion of the example. Every included example must be followed by the explanation of which is the link with the theme or theses, but the explanations concerning the example should not exceed three sentences.
  4. Conclusion. It includes the topic discussed in the paragraph and the means proving it in this passage of your 5 essay paragraph.

Weak center. The principal part of the principal chapter represents the slightest argumentation of the entire argumentative baggage offered in your five paragraph paper. The first sentence should indicate the link to the theme or thesis t and a connection with the opening paragraph of the principal part. The terminative sentence should offer the argument linking to the third paragraph of the principal part of the 5 paragraph essay.

Make a strong ending. To perform successfully the assignment you have to follow the previously described rules as for the organizational system of the paragraphs and the specific demands to the third paragraph. The specific requirements comprise the obligatory presentation of one more powerful argument.


Again, thesis. In the terminative part of your 5 paragraph writing you are to incorporate the of the thesis repeated presentation in a new light and the summarized leading aspects providing interpretation as for the connections of the evidence represented in the main part and the and the conclusions you represent here. Make these several statements impressive and powerful to make the reader support your idea. Supply them with summarized argumentation representing the data in the way for the audience to have no doubts as for your trustworthiness and assertiveness.


Editing. Put away your paragraph writing before making revisions to take time off to exclude all the inaccuracies concerning grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word order, stylistic, and logic occurring in your paper. Consider the usage of active voice.

Format and presentation editing. To proofread the article ask your friend to look through it and to check if it contains elements under question or any other sort of inaccuracies.
Check your work against the requirements on formatting determined by the guidance or your teacher to make certain this will not spoil your mark.

Eliminate clichés. Avoid inserting the overused phrases like “in conclusion” to sound more up-to-date.

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