5 Tips to Write a Good Essay

Students often dread writing an essay whether the essay is for a scholarship or an exam or any contest. Essays not only require memorization of facts but also a clear understanding of what they are talking about. During an essay writing, students are required to know how to express themselves clearly and write concisely. Unlike formal essays, business settings/assignments involve writing informal essay. Here are 5 tips one can master to write a successful essay:

Proper Structure

It is very important that every essay have a proper structure which makes it readable. To allow an essay to flow in a logical manner, break down the essay into different sections. You must also make a quick plan of what you are going to write about. Making an essay plan helps you to prepare a proper essay structure and helps you in remembering any important points that must be included.


Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement mentions what your essay is going to explain. It usually is a one or two sentence statement and has to be detailed, specific and written in a well-defined manner. Do not confuse it with a topic as it represents only the subject area of an essay. A thesis statement usually has two parts- one part states the topic and the second part will state the point of the essay. Make sure that thesis statement you use supports your ideas and summarizes the ideas one plans to represent.

Essay Introduction

A proper title and introduction makes people interested in your essay. Write down the topic sentence and follow-up with few interesting facts about the topic. Try skipping obvious expressions. Start with explaining your topic with a very broad description and gradually narrow it down to your essay’s thesis statement. Add facts that is sure to grasp the attention of your reader and compel them to read further.

Body of the Essay

The main purpose of the body of an essay is to give a detailed information supporting your thesis. Use strong and significant information. Give relative information and proper examples that explain why it is so important and relevant to the readers.

Essay Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph is your last chance to sum up all your ideas while providing a final viewpoint on the topic. Review and summarize all your main points which will suggest ways in which your conclusion can be thought of in a larger sense. To be précis, summarize your complete essay in a different and unique way to leave a long lasting impression on your readers.

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