Are you accepted or not? To penetrate into any idea, phenomenon or process is easier when you learn its cause and effect relationships for a cause-effect essay is an efficient method of getting at the heart of any problem. This article offers the materials as for what is cause and effect essay and how to write a cause and effect essay.


Cause-effect essay is a personal writing revealing the reason and the result of the phenomenon, idea or event. The main principle working in this writing assignment is the domino outcome. It is based on the succession of actions principal: one action, phenomenon, or event leads to another one.
One idea, phenomenon or event can lead to several results (sometimes more than three). The situations may vary and a couple or more of reasons can have one result. In small essays only causes or result can be described. Devote a paragraph to each reason (s) and result (s) pair (s) and include at least two or three of them in the paper.


To make an impression on the reader the writer of the named kind of article needs to sound confident and inspired by the topic. When writing a cause and effect papers pay attention to the code mentioned below. Pay attention to any detail. Thanks to these rules you will cope with this sort of writing no matter whether this is the habitual size cause and effect paper or merely a profound cause and effect research paper. Learn and gain! These rules will entrust you the secrets of how to write cause-effect essay and allow you to win you palm tree for the splendid writing.

Distinguishing features of reason and result. To uncover the cause ask the question: “Why does it take place?”. To bring to life the effect the following question will be helpful: “What came in consequence of this action/ event”.

Thesis presentation. In this part indicate whether you will talk of reasons or results and represent your concept in general.

Work with details. Here the author needs to manage all the details to build a structure of the work sounding impressive and in regard to the chosen approach. Several options are possible in this concern.

Scheme. The proper arrangement of the material will help to provide the needed impression on the reader. The cause and effect paper presupposes several of them. The first mentioned is more often applied to the short essays, while the second is recommended for the long writing assignments including more substantial evidence. But the author choses himself which approach is more helpful in his case.

Linking units. To simplify the perception of the offered material the author should include the connectives which will function as links between reasons and results described in the paper. Thus, the reader will see clearly the signals of the reason of some event and its results. These linking elements are the special words and word combinations should be used only in case of necessity for excessive use can make an impression of the bulky text structure.


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