This sort of writing assignment represents one of the most effective opportunities for disquisitive powers development. When writing the composition of this type you try to find the new distinguishing features in ordinary objects looking for a new approach to evaluation and find common characteristics among the distantly related objects which results in mental abilities broadening.


What is classification essay? It is a type of writing realized through division of objects, phenomena, standpoints, features into separate groups or uniting them in some. Need to know how to write a classification and division essay? There are several variants of the classification writing (a division essay and a classification essay), but the common characteristic of them is that this writing assignment is brought to structure the represented number of objects basing on definite criteria.


1- Introductive partThe aim of every introductive part is to let the reader get acquainted with the topic and the subject of research; and in the classification essay the author’s aim is to represent the set of objects which he is classifying. Indicate here the aim of the research mentioning what induced you to think of it and why this can be interesting for the audience. If the offered arrangement contains any specifications you are to mention this detail in the first paragraph. To pick the interest of the audience on this level of penetration into your topic is advisable to set the intrigue by mentioning some tricky or surprising details, facts or any other kind of evidence provided by the theme.
Being sure that the audience is already involved for you have represented enough information to do so you can switch to next passage which is the thesis. This should be a powerful utterance terminating the introductive part of the assignment (in most cases). In it you are to indicate the principal methods used in the course of the composition.

2- Main partThe size of this part of the classification writing may vary as it depends on many factors (the teacher’s demand, for instance), but there are some obligatory requirements which can‘t be neglected in any case. They are:

3- ConclusionIn conclusion, the author needs to indicate all the previously mentioned ideas and methods of classifying. Make a kind of brief report on the pros and corns of each of them singling out one as the most valuable (with proper explanation of its distinguishing features).


There are two major types of essay of this kind which differ in the method of structuration.

What is a division classification essay?

This is a type of essay based on dividing the group of objects which are placed together into some number of smaller divisions in regard to valuable features or characteristics serving to illustrate the complexity of the phenomena described. It is an effective method. Though most people might not take into consideration these distinguishing details (being not aware of their value) the author brings them to light offering considerable substantiation in the division paper.

What is classification essay?

The pure classification writing unites the objects into groups in regard to their similar features being more often applicable to the objects we use in our everyday life.


Classification writing feature. At the beginning of your research single out the classifying features having learned thoroughly the characteristics of the objects. The chosen features need to be singular and exclude intersection of the formed groups.

Examples. Each paragraph in the main part of the text should contain a description of all the criteria offered by the introduction which could sound brighter if accompanied by the number of evidence and examples. The mentioned number should be equal for all the categories unless the most meaningful category. Being mentioned the last one for a better result it needs more solid evidence body.

Unifying criterion. Make sure your systematics is formed according to the one criterion though sometimes similar unifying criteria are offered by different systematics. Never mix them in one!

Language peculiarities. To help the reader grasp the sense of the offered approach quickly you are to use the linking elements in the process of the composition (the first/ second/ third kind, the first/ second/ third type, the first/ second/ third group).

Deep knowledge. Writing classification essays before coming up to the description of some objects or phenomenon take time to learn information about them. No one will appreciate the arrangement which is not deliberate. Being not aware of some details you take risk to disclose occasionally your lack of familiarity with the researched theme.

Anyway, one of the principle criterion differentiating the successfully realized idea of the classification essay is the author’s engagement in the topic. To engage the reader the writer himself should manifest the deep interest.

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