The only thing this kind of essay enlightens is the meaning of some term, concept, or notion. When giving the definition of academic writing of this kind we should stress on the point that here we do not discuss or analyze any situation or opinion. We need to find the basic ground for the perception of this or that thing. Taking into consideration all the characteristics of the object and comparing it with the similar ones we choose the main features characterizing it which can serve for a basic association. Some objects are common use and their meaning is well-known and there is no sense in discussing it. (table, plate, mirror, and flower have concrete meaning). While when talking about the definition of the abstract notions we can’t say it. Love, friendship, belief are described in dependence on outlook and convictions of the person. The definitions represented in this group of notions can hardly be objective for they will bear the traces of the author’s opinion anyway.


When starting your work on the definition essay you need to clarify the purpose of this kind of academic writing for yourself. What is it? What should a person do to get the impressive result? Then, learn all the peculiarities to further use them as your ace in the hole for these peculiarities are the brightest elements of the definition essay. Chose the object, find a proper definition, dig enough evidence to supply it and to leave no doubt your object corresponds to the declared description and get the palm tree!


For better material presentation and better comprehension of the information the definition essay is divided into several parts:

1. Official definition presentation. In this paragraph you are to compare the description from the dictionary and your own. When writing a definition essay start with the traditional definition and that will serve the initial level of topic development allowing you move further providing the comparison with your understanding of the term. If yours and the dictionary variant differ to important extent – congratulations for you’ve used your ace.

2. Own concept explanation. This is the definition thesis which comprised the description of your own way of perception of the indicated term. Make it laconic and catching eliminating the phrases in passive voice with special conjunctions (like “is when…”).

3. Thematic paragraphs. Writing a definition essay pay attention to subdivisions of your essay devoting a separate paragraph to each elaborated aspect or method. Don’t implement all the known approaches to assure your essay writing is rich for not all of them will be helpful with the chosen word. Choose the tactics suitable for your term explanation to make a vivid and clear picture.

4. Summarizing. Here you are to provide a short summary of your main idea concerning the topic. Saying several words about each approach described in full in previously mentioned paragraphs will be enough. Don’t dwell too long for here you need to make emphasis on the important moments. Mentioning your thesis phrases is sufficient to complete your definition paragraph.

5. Personal connection. You can mention the way the described term is related to your life if this connection is vivid and suits the opinion determined in the definition thesis.


ABesides the main elements of the definition paragraph which should be represented in every assignment of this kind there is a group of aspects which needs to be considered. It comprises the ones which can be chosen to make the presentation more impressive. The author decides himself to use the tips or not. Including the described approaches one needs to be attentive for not all of them could be implemented in each determined case. Do not think that implying the larger part of them you’ll gain a top rate. Target at the racy presentation engaging your reader and you’ll get the desired result; all the elements helping you to realize this aim are worthwhile.


Aside from the structural peculiarities the definition paragraph presupposes special aspects concerning the word choice and its continued implementation in the text. Take them into account and you will give your definition paragraph a certain allure.

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