Examples. To give or not to give?

We use examples daily as they serve the best illustrations of any feature or trait we need to specify in our everyday life. We treat them as a marvelous arguments though they are not arguments at all. Writing the assignment like division paper, classification writing, exploratory essay writing, persuasive paper, and especially writing a research essay you will choose deliberately the most colorful and powerful examples. The instances illustrating your personal experience will fit the essay response, personal story essay, and personal narrative essays. Assignments are rich in examples. They are means of attracting the reader’s attention as pure theory is always boring while instances represent the vivid information which is close to the reader. And that is the aim of the author.

There are several things about the usage of instances the authors tend to feel uncertain about at times whether you write the exposition writing or the argumentative text or any other type of assignment. The first resides in their number. There is no universal receipt about it. The writer needs to try to judge objectively whether the inserted instances simplify the perception of the information in the article leading the reader to the conclusion or the number of instances distracts the reader or make get bored.

Another matter to consider choosing the examples to describe the issue in the most colorful way is their order. Is it better to start with the most powerful and gradually go to the less impressive? Or in opposite direction? There is no omnitude in the answer to this question as every composing situation is different and the author has to practice being objective trying to have a look at his article from the place of the reader. Answer one question: which sequence is the most impressive? And here is the answer to your question.

Talking about the presentation of instances in the text, don’t just number them for it sounds dry; this is applicable mentioning them at the first time in the introductory part for the proper arrangement of the whole article, and thereafter use other transitions throughout the assignement.

Keep in mind these several matters providing illustrations in your paper and get your best mark for the assignment!

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