When writing the exploratory essay the principal peculiarity one needs to understand is that the discussed kind of writing assignment is peculiar if compared with other assignments you coped with. You are to investigate some unknown sphere to fulfill the task assigned to you which is interesting, but a little more complicated than usually. It is not that frightful. Unlike in the rest of assignments where you had to provide sufficient evidence in the central part of the article to prove the thesis determined in the introductive part and reaffirm it in the terminative part here you will insert the statement answering the question stated in your introductory. Thus, when starting writing an expository essay you are of no idea about the destination. But if a person does it step by step the process may turn from tiresome to engaging, and the outcome such work may impress.


What is exploratory essay? The pure definition is not sufficient to get the sense of thing as for the complete understanding of the subject comes when you learn its constituting parts. Before you start writing an exploratory essay you are to become aware of its components.


Proper preparation is a half of work. Take time to gather all your ideas as for your exploratory essay (the theme, the personal opinion) and considerable examination of the chosen sources.

Include your citing and paraphrases into the draft (as in exploratory papers the person needs to render a lot of ideas offered by some other people the main means of rendering should be paraphrasing). Only the most striking quotations are to be included.
Edit the exploratory essay addressing the following questions to yourself and to one more person to do that for you. Judge as for the realized instructions of the guidance you needed to follow.


This correctly done step costs much for it draws attention of the audience to your exploratory writing from the beginning, so take into account the mentioned below features characterizing a decent theme and check whether your chosen topic corresponds to them.


To make a presentation of the discussed problem more attractive and easy for comprehension you are to divide your exploratory writing into several parts.



The central part of the exploratory papers is divided into two. One part serves to provide the thorough explanation of the issue for the audience (mostly consists of one passage), the other one supplies the varied opinions on the problem (includes at least three passages).


Your explanation of the rhetorical question should include:

  1. Name the sources of information of your exploratory essay raising the problem (Is it widely discussed in news, or in political circles, or is it the opinion of the scientists?).
  2. Name the figurants of the problem, explain what makes them interested in it, represent the variety of their opinions on the problem. Explain why your reader should find the issue illustrated in your explanatory research paper interesting.
  3. Talk of the people expressing their opinion on this issue trying to find similarities in the expressed ideas.
  4. Provide your judgment as for the factors influencing our opinions (circumstances, convictions, traditions, etc.) which result in the limited problem discussions. Do they unite people due to the similarities or separate making them have contrasting opinions.
  5. Explain the reason why do we come to consider this problem now and provide the history of it illustrating the changes in the attitude to the question in the course of time and the long-lasting values related to the theme.


Incorporate three views of the question raised in your exploratory writing and devote a separate paragraph to each of them. In a paragraph insert explanation of the attitude and the reason why people uphold this position providing convincing argumentation and explaining what support they have.


In this part of the exploratory essay you can include your personal view of the problem and what made you write on this theme. You can favor one of the views described in the principal part or express some original opinion which doesn’t correspond to any described one. Here you can also implement the approaches offered for the introductive part.

You can finish your explanatory research paper adding some most striking portion of evidence. Being not confident of personal position on the matter you can dwell on the most convincing opinions providing explanations. Would you like to be more impressive? An effective finish of the exploratory research essay is a kind of call for action directed to the reader to decide himself.

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