A Helpful Guide to Write an Informal Essay

Essay writing is a very skillful thing to do. It may seem pretty easy at first but to write a perfect essay which depicts all the points which are necessary to be portrayed to the reader, you need to be very careful with where and how you state the facts. You can always improve your skills by writing more and more, but knowing some tips before you write can prove really helpful. Writing an informal essay, which you be anything from a diary note to a personal blog, is much easier than a formal essay. You can go through the tips mentioned below to get some suggestions on writing a good informal essay.



To write an informal essay, you can relax and not worry much about the tone of the essay. The tone may matter a lot in a formal essay wherein you have to be extra careful with the words. But in an informal essay, you can write in a friendly tone, as if you are having a general conversation with any of your friends or colleagues.


In a formal essay you have to be very careful with the structure of the essay which includes introduction, body, and conclusion amongst various other parts. But in an informal essay, the necessity should be to get the point across the reader no matter what the structure is, i.e. either you can put an intro or start directly with the body.

Point of View

The words like – ‘I’ and ‘You’ must not be used in a formal essay. But in an informal essay, you can use these words often, talk about yourself or even directly address the reader. There is no bound on the language you use and hence it’s called informal since it gives you all the freedom that you want.


This is something where you need to be careful since the conclusion in an informal essay should be quite different from that in a formal essay. When you write your conclusion in the informal essay, you should make sure that you create a poignant ending. Not only your readers should read your thoughts, but they should be able to feel them as well. This adds to the relevance of the essay despite it being written in an informal way. Just make sure that you are sincere and honest with your thoughts. Express it in an interesting manner and the reader will definitely feel it.

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