The only thing this kind of essay enlightens is the meaning of some term, concept, or notion. When giving the definition of academic writing of this kind we should stress on the point that here we do not discuss or analyze any situation or opinion. We need to find the basic ground for the perception of this or that thing. Taking into consideration all the characteristics of the object and comparing it with the similar ones we choose the main features characterizing it which can serve for a basic association. Some objects are common use and their meaning is well-known and there is no sense in discussing it. (table, plate, mirror, and flower have concrete meaning). While when talking about the definition of the abstract notions we can’t say it. Love, friendship, belief are described in dependence on outlook and convictions of the person. The definitions represented in this group of notions can hardly be objective for they will bear the traces of the author’s opinion anyway.


What is literary analysis essay? It is advisable to start the acquaintance with the structure of this kind of writing and the peculiar characteristics. Literary essay format presupposes some obligatory elements which are to be included in the “well-dressed” article of this type. Different organization of the text is not considered persuading. The classic variant of literature paper represents the optimal organization of the information package needed to bring the most successful outcome. Here belongs introduction, principal part and conclusion.

Introduction of the literary essay

This portion of the rendered information serves to conquer the audience thanks to the fascinating and catching phrases representing your topic of the literary criticism essay. To realize this method you can include a rhetoric question, a short anecdote or a quotation. To the mentioned set add some brief trivia connected to the thesis. It serves to assure the reader’s understanding of matter. The obligatory elements of the literary paper introduction: the title of the analyzed work, its author, the explained topic offered to develop. Optionally the author of the literary paper can include the data representing the principal characters of the piece of work or its artwork. The thesis statement is placed at the end of the paragraph. This idea should be related to the previously expressed (and the theme of the writing), being their continuation and not the separately offered concept. Here you need to express your opinion as for how the author developed the theme. All the information described in relation to the thesis content can fail to be organized in one sentence; the two-sentence thesis will serve to cope with this problem.

Principal part of the literary essay

Having clearly expressed your convictions related to the principal idea and the estimation of the message deliverance implemented by the author of the work, you are to continue adding the information supporting the rendered ideas. This is the widest part of the literary criticism essay. This chapter basically consists of three paragraphs, each one representing the fact or the aspect related to the topic and comprises the whole set of the evidence body needed to turn the reader to your views. The explanation of relations of the included fact and the thesis statement is a due approach. The evidence body of the literary criticism paper incorporates facts, quotations, paraphrase, and summary of some related stories or experience.
The paragraphs have a structure of their own which is not less effective. The sentence starting the paragraph is themed and indicates the connection of the current paragraph with the thesis. Make emphasis on the support providing by the discussed in the paragraph related theme for the main idea of the literature essay. It is obligatory demand. Describe the evidence itself and provide comments on the way the mentioned evidence supply the topic sentence. This is a valuable connection. The terminative part of each paragraph in the literature essay may be built on the basis of argument, reflection, analysis, interpretations. Linking phrases are valuable means of illustrating the connection between the thesis statement and the evidence details of the first evidence body paragraph and the rest of them. These links allow the reader to stay in touch with the context. Include into your literary criticism paper the phrases like “not only…”, “but also…”, “finally…”, “another example…”, “furthermore…” to sound convincing.

Conclusion of the literary essay

The last paragraph in the literature review essay should render the meaning of the thesis statement using paraphrase. Include the summary of the main issues revealed in the article. You can add some reflections as for the relations of the theme and the piece of work, judge upon the choice of the topic or the effectiveness of the approach chosen by the author to deliver the message, offer your opinion on the importance of the discussed work.


The structural peculiarities of American literature essay are not the only details one should pay attention to when writing a critical essay. Another important group of efficient tips concerns evidence body presentation. Including facts, quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing which are effective when properly delivered.

When it comes to describing the event or the sequence of events in the literature paper as a reliable proof, you can choose summarizing which is a decent approach as there is no sense in devoting a whole paragraph to the description. Make a short summary explaining its connection with the thesis of the literary paper.

To back some argument with proof which does not necessarily need the up-to-word rendering of the citation of words from the text you can paraphrase the material including the needed details in your own words.

In a literary essay you can bring the attention of the audience to the certain details including certain phrases or word combinations taken directly from the text.

Direct quoting
Writing literary analysis this method can serve a decent illustration of your idea. Including the quotations in your literature essay you will make it vivid and convincing and provide the reader with a proper explanation of the connection between the central idea and the quoted remark.

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