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How to write a personal essay? The first thing we are to mention when providing the description of this kind of writing assignment is its exceptional character. It offers a rich and vivid style of narration. The differences between personal essays and the rest of formal standard academic assignments are obvious. You will never feel that kind of independence in expressing your opinion as when writing the individual story essay. Here you are free to declare convictions as for any theme without masking. Based on the experience of the individual, it is personal experience essay which illustrates some moment of your life influencing you. Basing on the point of view of the writer concerning determined concept or theme it is named personal values essay. This assignment shows the importance of the indicated theme for the author. Writing a personal essay no one is forced to prove the expressed opinion as for the represented theme. It includes feelings, convictions, and emotions. The formal format including strict thesis statement and the evidence proving is something slightly related to the personal statement essay with that pleasing narrative liberty. Here we can mention one more kind of assignments including both individual and formal which is a personal response essay. Its structure is stricter than that of the previously mentioned two types but includes self-expression.

What is a personal essay?

A personal background essay is an article illustrating the importance of the author’s experience in regard to some theme, or the opinion about the theme representing specific value for the author.


When writing a paper about yourself in connection to your experience you need to consider the following peculiarities:


This kind of writing assignment is about expressing the private interest or judgment concerning some topic which is particularly valuable for the author. It includes some number of obligatory elements. The problem statement, the recommendations as for the way out, the conclusion offering the valuable issue must be represented in your article. The writer’s interest for the theme should be well traced. In the course of writing the author is to explain the facts included into the article and ask questions. Representing his point of view the author should be expressive but not imposing his own beliefs as for any possible matter on the reader. Allow your audience to have their own persuasion.

Follow the personal essay tips indicated below to write an outstanding academic assignment:


In the academic assignment of this kind the author needs to estimate critically the piece of work. Here your opinion as for the work is the basis. Examine the writing bringing to the surface the issues you agree with and those you completely disagree, the pluses and the minuses related to evidence, style, structure, etc. Include into your work sufficient evidence body (examples, facts, firsthand experience) connecting with the theme and the discussed article. Structure your essay.


Any subject fascinating you will serve in this concern. Any crucial moment from your life, like marriage or divorce, birth or death, illness or revival will provide a decent core for your essay on yourself. This material should give you an opportunity to describe the important life examination which you passed or the deep sense contributing to your outlook. The central idea of the work should be discernible throughout the article. Or it will be no more than a good story. Individual opinion about some issue representing particular interest for the author can also be chosen a subject (unemployment, stress, environmental pollution).To make a complete personal paper include some firsthand experience, turning point, funny story, core idea, and theme.

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