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To succeed in life a person needs to acquire some obligatory set of helpful skills, here belongs the ability to persuade. Representatives of all the spheres gain higher levels of personal achievements when having acquired persuasion skills. A lawyer and an advertisement assistant both are more productive with these abilities. This is not connected only with the professional success but about the personal life too. To acquire these desired skills one needs to have a regular practice in expressing his or her position concerning this or that theme or concept.

For students to get the desired levels in all the spheres of their future adult independent life persuasive writing assignments were included into the obligatory academic syllabus. What is a persuasive essay? How to write persuasive essay to get the top score? To allow you get acquainted with rules of proper persuasive essay outline formation, the parts of a persuasive essay presentation, and the definition of persuasive essay we represent this article.

Definition of persuasive writing determines a persuasive paper as the article persuading the reader of some opinion or reassuring him to act in the determined way. The secret of successful persuasive writing is complex. It is a set of the effective preliminaries which include a research on your topic, careful study of the reader’s interests and convictions, proper planning, and the effective realization of writing.


The hints common for such kind of task included in this chapter will let you make your article distinguishing.


















Having devoted time to thorough preparation you will improve the quality of the writing process.













      • The theme should make you interesting interested in it. Having chosen the theme to which you are indifferent you will not illustrate your own interest and will fail to engage the reader.
      • Find the theme which is complex. Simple issues are not arguing and being obvious for the reader fail to make them engaged causing boredom.
      • Evaluate the opposing views in regard to your own. If your own opinion or opposing view is hard to contradict you will fill difficulties to prove your view is worth being a basis of the persuasive writing.
      • Counterarguments consideration. Check whether you can contradict effectively the counterarguments concerning your theme, and if not get prepared or choose some other theme.
      • Narrow themes. Wide themes are applicable only if the length of the work is substantial, but the five-paragraphs essay will not give you an opportunity to disclose all the aspects of the chosen theme.








As the target of the paper is to make someone accept your personal opinion, the format of persuasive essays is easy to follow. It includes:

Introductive part where you have to represent the idea to attract the reader, the thesis representing the view which is meant to be preferable.

Central part consists of 3 paragraphs each one expressing one idea with evidence (for a five-paragraph essay). The opposing views are also considered in this portion of the paper.

Conclusion comprises the most effective evidence enumeration, opposing views refutation, and the thesis restatement.

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