Proper tone: Myth or “a Must”?

Let’s have a look at several simple things. Does our behavior differ when taking the stand at the hearing and while spending an awesome evening on the party? We can hardly imagine the situation when it does not for the occasions are too diverse to presuppose the same conduct. One of the major difference resides to the great extent not in the words we choose to talk but in the tone. What do we use the change in tone for? This is how we fare our attitude to others and the matter of conversation. The chosen words and expressions, the sentence structure transmit the implied meaning in full; sometimes even if we were not about to pronounce it… Just a thought… When we compose persuasive paper or exposition writing, or any other assignment it is the same, though the reader does not hear our voice thanks to the approach of arrangement of words in a sentence, chosen words and expressions, style, and punctuation we render the message “between the lines”. Staying far from us the reader can adjust our attitude to him and maybe react. Some words are neutral, but others can change the tone of the whole sentence, paragraph or even the entire essay. Mind your tone!


It turns to be a difficult task to consider our teacher the audience. But he is a real person who will read the piece of work to verify and justify whether it is a decent article or not. Apart from the corrected mistakes the teacher will evaluate your writing as a common reader for he can’t avoid it. He has preferences, personal convictions. And both, as a teacher spending time on enhancing your writing, and as a common man reading your piece of work he deserves being taken into consideration on the stage of preparation for the essay.
The small number of readers results in less interest of the writer toward them. A group of people (writing for the newspaper) is easier to deal with. People are interested in different things but common things: fresh, exciting, frank, active, intriguing. We cannot be aware of who will take it, so we try to sound polite, amicable and in the best mood ever, but not imposing, obtrusive or folksy. We show our respect to get the same in return.

Contracted forms usage

The formal or informal style of the writing is also evaluated by the included or excluded contracted forms (that’s it, doesn’t, you’re, I’ve). We use them in spoken language but when you are to writing a scholarship essay or an MBA application writing the situation changes. Your best college admission essay should not include any! If the requirement of the task is informal style these forms are allowed, but in formal style you need to delete them from the text to elevate the style. Writing a critical essay, argumentative essay on education, cause and effect research, persuasive paper, compare and contrast article, deductive report, definition paragraph, explorative essay in classic format you are forbidden to use contracted forms, but the same genres of writing can turn to types of informal writing. Contractions are not forbidden. But since the requirements of various academic institutions differ you are to consult the instructor on this matter before including or excluding them from your paper.
Take a minute to consider these aspects in regard to your paper, evaluate your reader, take care of contractions to make a decent article, and get your essay writing palm tree!

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