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What is a reaction paper? This is a type of academic assignment designed to develop student’s habits to provide sufficient explanation of their individual opinion and to make them learn how to gather the needed evidence body for the expressed position concerning the chosen or assigned work. How to write a response paper? The writer of this sort of assignment should be ready to take the responsibility to explain the meaning of the work estimating the message of the author. Reaction paper format is traditional to formal style. Your view of the book is being a valuable addition to the well-done reaction paper. For your convenience we included all the necessary information as for how to write a reaction paper in this article. Implement the described approaches in relation to the determined stages of preparation and have your best mark!



Get acquainted with the requirements of your educational institution as for how to write a response essay. Every guidance for the response essay includes some obligatory questions you should answer in your work . So, before writing a response paper assure you’ve learned them and organize your composition in regard to them. It happens that the questions are not indicated in the manual. Then you’d better start with the questions written below:

      • Is the work interesting for you?
      • What is the aim of the writer?
      • Do you espouse the author’s view or not?
      • Is there any connection between the work and your own life? Explain.
      • Is the world outlook represented in the text close to your?
      • Is there anything in this work which contributed to you?


Writing response essay one needs to take time to get acquainted with the work in details evaluating his own emotions and feelings about the reading. Personal response essay should contain details, so you need to take notes and use bookmarks for the most important moments which can be used further for quotations. Take a second to stop and think when you come across some valuable phrase.


When writing response papers it is better to devote some time to reflections about the whole work, forming the attitude to it before start writing. Was it interesting? Was it tiresome? What was the brightest positive or the negative experience? Use linking phrases when describing your point of view on this concern (To my mind…, I have understood that …, ).


      Any decent response essay example contains a straightforward thesis and complete evidence body. If the task guidance includes the principal question which you need to answer in your response writing the thesis should represent the answer for itself.
      The most widely spread demand as for the length of the response essay is from two to three pages, but you are to consult your task guidance to assure that there are no supplementary restrictions. If there is no information about how to write a response essay in the manual, the described below instruction will be helpful.

      • An introductive part as a rule comprises 1 paragraph
      • The principal part of the essay response includes from three to four paragraphs.
      • The terminative part represents the conclusions within one paragraph.


The situations chosen for thorough consideration should be connected to the thesis of your work and serve the illustration for the issues you are going to discuss in the work. It could be the expressive dialogue where within one passage some aspect becomes vivid or the description of a scene which resembles one from your life (maybe you can include the original way out).


      Include the name of the work and that of the author in the introductory of your reaction paper sample. Describe the article and include the short summary providing this part of work agrees with the thesis or with the supplied argument terminating this passage.


From three to four paragraphs have to be included in this part of the article offering the profound consideration of the work in regard to the determined questions. The organizational system of this part of the text offers variations. You can include the combination of the questions in the first paragraph or choose any other arrangement which looks reasonable.


When writing a critical response paper explain your feelings about the discussed work on every stage of evaluation. When considering some passage tell your reader what were your feelings about the discussed situation and what caused that as well.


Illustrations for the discussed passages should comprise at least one or two citing passages, not necessarily direct as the descriptive approach is a sufficient means of rendering the desired sense. Assure your reaction paper is not overloaded by the quotes. They are only valuable when distinct and exciting as numerous lengthy quotations will make the reader feel boredom. When citing the source, pay attention to the recommendations as for their presentation minding the punctuation and indicating the number of the page.


Within one paragraph you are to restate the thesis in a new manner taking into consideration the evidence represented in the central part of the article. Imagine you have your last chance to make the reader understand your opinion concerning this work and topic.

Eliminate all the possible mistakes and inaccuracies from your text (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word order, sentence structure, logical, stylistic). To accomplish this task successfully you may need not only to look through your paper yourself, but also ask your friend to do that for you.

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