Transitions. What shouldn’t be left between the lines?

Sometimes it turns out that a worthy thought is not enough to receive an expressive and powerful article; its reason resides in the realization of the idea and the way the author represents it in his writing. There are various elements and techniques offering to ameliorate the writing. Transitions are important constituents of the picturesque language. Have a look: even the most brilliant ideas when being not connected look as the sharp set of words. And your smart essay research paper or well-grounded exploratory paper will not excite the reader when being dry. This can hardly attract the attention to the reader! The writer, being the best-informed person about the issue discussed in the work must guide the audience showing the route and the most impressive sights allowing to understand and estimate the essence of the work. Transitions will help you realize this task.

Don’t transvalue the knowledge of your reader. Assume he is reading your article to get acquainted with some issues he is not informed of at all or the issues he is willing to acquire new knowledge about it. Overestimating the speed of perception and reaction is not an effective approach either. Remember that the best presentation resides in gradual announcing of the arranged material having prepared the base for its perception beforehand.

Even writing essays for scholarships of writing essays for college, preparing essay response or literary paper you need these helpers. They are effective. Be more careful using them in essay research paper, explorative essay, argumentative text. While personal story essay, informal writing or a narrative story offer a wider choice of them. The dissimilarity is in the style of the presentation.

The writer can choose which of several types of linking elements to implemented: linking words and expressions, repetition of operative words, repetition of operative phrases, parallel forms, pronouns.

Pronouns usage

The pronouns connect the thoughts referring to something mentioned previously. When you say “This springs from the fact that …” you do imply that above in the text there was information about “this”. Such approach helps the reader to summarize and analyze the information when reading. If the connection of the pronoun and the implied meaning is not clear the writer has to fix the text.

Linking words and expressions

Transitions occur in varied forms: the simple ones are the small conjunctions (and, or, so, for, etc) and the complex group is illustrated by the linking expressions and conjunctive adverbs (moreover, notwithstanding, on the other end of the spectrum, etc.). The small links are often inserted and the only problem which you may face in this concern is about their function at the beginning of the sentence. Aren’t these independent sentences meant to be parts of a complex sentence? It could be, but they also serve to draw the attention of the audience to some aspect. The writer just should not implement this approach to often for it can give the converse effect.


This method turned to be fearful as many beginning writers are afraid of sounding strange. There is no point in it! Do you realize that the repetition of some word or expression that has value for the reader several times within one text makes him feel the sense of text melody causing better comprehension? Implement repetitions properly to provide the coherence presentation.

Parallel constructions

For melodious sounding and better perception of the message of the article the parallelisms are used. These are the expressions which content and forms are similar, but remember that to implement the parallels you are to arrange the chosen sentences or parts of them identically. Example: Last year I went to Paris, this year I go to London. The terminating part and the first one are the same according to the structure; the only difference resides in the times used. While the sentence: “The previous year I decided to visit Paris, this year I go to London.” doesn’t meet the requirement of identity.

Implement some of this methods or all of them in combination to get the palm tree for your deductive essay or informal writing!

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