How to write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph Effectively?

The purpose of compare and contrast paragraph is to analyze difference between two different subjects. A good compare and contrast paragraph is not only meaningful to highlight similar or different points, but it also jots down some arguments about the subject. Following this approach might seem a frightening task to do, but with little work and practice compare and contrast paragraphs can be written easily.

Choice of subject to formulate an argument

Before you initiate a paragraph, make sure to find subject which are different enough to be compared. An effective subject can be chosen by picking them up from the same category, however ensure that they are different in a significant way. It is also recommendable to pick up two subjects which on face value appear to be the same, but are quite different from each other.


Ensure to discuss subjects meaningfully

A meaningful discussion is important to bring out comparable and contrasting paragraph. A good discussion brought forward can make the readers understand about the reason of bringing two subjects together.  Brainstorming your topic can really help you find out similarities and differences between the subjects. This can further help in jotting down a thesis and then formulating compare and contrast paragraph.

Consider the main points

It would be a bit difficult to provide list of everything in which your subject is similar or different. Considering the fact, it is essential to choose few points which are important and must be listed to bring out similarities and differences. In order to bring out main points, it is advisable to write everything which comes in your mind and then shortlist the best and most important ones from that.

Organize your paragraphs

While there are various ways of organizing your writing, it entirely depends on you that which idea works best for you. If in case the selected organization does not work for you, then don’t forget the selected organization can be changed anytime. You can opt to organize your structure either on the basis of your subject, or can choose to segregate them on point basis. You can even choose to first compare the subject and then highlight contrasting facts about it.

The Last Words

By keeping facts mentioned above in mind, one can easily write compare and contrast paragraph that is not only effective but also highlights all the similarities and differences between two subjects. While writing such paragraphs, one can even choose to take the assistance of experts who are proficient in the field and are capable of delivering quality write-ups.

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